Specialty Products
The products on this page are some specialty products that are available now.

Do you have an idea for a Personalized Product? Names, house numbers, street names, symbols, words....the possibilities are endless.
Email us with questions or for a quote on these products or ideas of your own.
Be sure to visit us again to see what’s new.
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Copper Stars - 100% Copper they can be made in sizes from 12" to 48" wide. They are outdoor durable and will take on an aged patina over time. This star measures 26" across and sells for $80.00 plus shipping
Copper Star Garlands - Each garland is one of a kind and can be made with any combination of stars. On this garland the smallest star measures 2" across and the largest  8". The total length is approximately 44". The small silver star is coated copper. It is suitable for inside or outside and will take on an aged patina over time. Garland pricing is as follows:  stars between 2" and 4" cost $6.00 each, stars between   5" and 8" cost $13.00 each  and stars between 9" and 12" stars cost $20.00 each. The garland shown sells for $69.00 plus shipping
The above is the Chinese symbol for prosperity. It is carved from outdoor durable material, gold leafed and painted. The design shown measures 11x17" and sells for $60.00 plus shipping.  A variety of words, symbols, shapes and sizes can be created,  please contact us for a quote on your idea. 
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